«Zhuk-1» bipods

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«Zhuk-1» bipods are designed for installation on side Basis rails. Installation on Picatinny is also possible with Picatinny-Basis adapters (sold separately).
It is possible to install bipods on summator (sold separately).

Weight of one bipod stick without mounts: 134 ± 5 g.
Length of one bipod stock (shortest position): 250 ± 5 mm.
Length of one bipod stick (longest position): 325 ± 5 mm.
Material: aluminum D16T.
Working range of ambient temperatures: from -50 to +50 0С.

In the kit:

Bipod stock 2 pcs.
Oval mount         4 pc.   
M5x9 screws 2 pcs.
Manual 1 pc.

For installation of «Zhuk-1» bipods:

1.In case of installation on Basis rail. One bipod stick is installed either with two oval mounts, or with one oval mount and one M5x9 screw. M5x9 screw should be installed on Basis rail in the place of connection of upper and lower rails (instead of M5x7 screw). Oval mount should be installed in oval opening on Basis rail. Oval mount should be unscrewed into two parts: put the cap inside an opening in bipod stick, screw an oval on the opposite side. Do not tighten: there should be space for oval rotation. When the ovals are installed on bipod stick, place the bipod stick on the side Basis rail and tighten the screws with screwdriver. Oval should rotate by 90°.

2. In case of installation on Pikatinny rail. Install bipods on Picatinny-Basis adapters (sold separately). Install adapters with bipods on side Picatinny rails.

3.  In case of installation on summator (sold separately). Install bipods on summator by oval mounts. Install the summator on the rifle.

To adjust the length of bipods:

Press and pull in directions on photo.

To fold/unfold bipods:

Pull a bipod stick and rotate it by 90° according to photos.

Weapon model:

Compatible with Basis rail

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