KV-4/2U tactical switch

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The "KV-4/2 U" tactical switch is intended for simultaneous control "Klesh-2" flashlight and combined device "Perst-4".

It is equipped with a fuse against accidental switching and two rotary brightness controls for the product.

The "KV-4/2" is made of D16T alloy with a black coating.

Weight: 57 + 5 g

Overall dimensions: (320х29х20) + 5 mm

Ambient temperature during operation: from -20 ° С to + 40 ° С

Warranty period of storage and operation: 12 months.

In the kit :
  • "KV-4/2 U " tactical switch                         (1 pc)
  • Operation manual                                 (1 pc)
To install the "KV-4/2 U " tactical switch , you need:

  • Unscrew set screws to maximum length
  • Install the "KV-4/2 U " to the flashlight or laser connected to it, at any convenient place on the "Picatinny" rail
  • Fix the "KV-4/2 U " by tightening the screws
To improve the noise immunity of the CD (combined device) "Perst-4", the electronic unit was modernized, which required changing the electronics of the remote button.

The update did not entail changes in the tactical characteristics of the product, however, it is important to know: if CD "Perst-4" was released before the update, then the "KV-4/2" tactical switch  is needed for it, if - after the update, then the "KV-4 / 2U" (universal )

To avoid confusion, "KV-5PU" engraving was introduced on the case CD "Perst-4" under the button connector. If there is no engraving, then the CD "Perst-4" before updating. If there is an engraving, then the CD "Perst-4" after the update.

All CD "Perst-4", released from the second half of January 2020, are released with updated electronics.

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Weapon model:

Compatible with any type of weapon with Picatinny rail.

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