"Klesch-2PS+laser" (green+) flashlight

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LED tactical flashlight with a strobe function (repeating bright light pulses with a flicker frequency of 12 Hz) and a green laser pointer of enhanced power “Kleshch-2PS + laser” (green+), which has a Picatinny rail mount built into the housing, designed for use on small arms.

The use of a super-bright LED with a power of 370 lumens (at 3 W) and a reflector with a diameter of 28 mm make it possible to obtain a solid angle of the central light beam of 6.5 °, which, combined with a toughened protective glass with enlightenment, makes it possible to provide the highest quality illumination of objects at distances up to 200 meters!

The integrated laser pointer of enhanced power in the visible range (green mark) integrated into the body of the product has the ability to accurately align and has single controls with a flashlight.

Amplified laser power for aimed fire, according to the laser mark (beam in a smoky space), or target designation.

Product purpose:
  • flashlight in low light mode, constant light mode and tactical mode - targets for detection / lighting
  • flashlight in strobe mode - to distinguish silhouettes in smoke, dust and / or fog
  • laser for aimed fire, by laser mark
Operational Benefits :
  • The product provides for the possibility of constant switching on, tactical (pulse) switching, strobe mode in constant or tactical modes from one control button, depending on the mode selected by the switch.
  • Availability of the ability to quickly switch from constant mode to pulsed mode and vice versa.
  • Built-in control of the remaining battery capacity.
  • The stabilized light stream.
  • The ability to force the flashlight to the maximum brightness mode with a reduced remaining capacity of the batteries.
  • The buttons located on the side control the operation of the device. One manages the Laser, the other a flashlight. A button in the back of the device turns it on in the selected mode.
  • The device operation indicator (in the back of the case) informs whether the device is turned off or not.

The product is powered from two CR123A elements installed in the case with a rated voltage of 3V.

The minimum time of continuous operation of the lamp:
  • in normal mode from one set of power sources - 3 ± 1 hour (depending on the used batteries)
  • in economical mode from one set of power sources - 12 ± 1 hour (depending on the used batteries)
Case case material : alloy D16T.

Product weight with battery: 185 ± 15 g

Overall dimensions: (50х43х80) ± 2 mm

Ambient temperature during operation: from -20 ° С to + 40 ° С

Warranty period of storage and operation of the product: 12 months.

The product is available in five versions :
  • "Klesch-2PS+laser" (red)
  • "Klesch-2PS+laser" (green) (base power)
  • "Klesch-2PS+laser" (green+) amplified power
  • "Klesch-2PS+laser"  in the IR range
In the kit:
  • "Klesch-2PS+laser" (green+) flashlight                          (1 pc)
  • Tactical switch  KV-5PU                                                 (1 pc)
  • Batteries type CR123A (installed in the lamp)               (2 pcs)
  • Aluminum case                                                              (1 pc)
  • Wrench for alignment laser                                            (1 pc)
  • Mount for the lamp forming the Picatinny rail (B-9AK)   (1 pc)
  • Operation manual                                                           (1 pc)
The operation of the “Kleshch-2PS + laser” (green+) , the KV-5PU Tactical switch, the procedure for replacing batteries, as well as precautions for the operation of the product - see the instruction manual.

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