«Sport-2» kit version 2.0

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«Sport-2» kit version 2.0 is designed for installation in the place of regular handguard of Saiga-9 and TR9 Paradox.

«Sport-2» kit version 2.0 has Basis rails on sides, on the bottom and in the front lowered part. Basis rail allows installation of additional equipment directly on handguard, in particular: B-2, B-2L, B-2M, B-2U additional Picatinny rails; A-1L, А-2L slingmounts; RL-1 hand stoppers; RK-0L,RK-1L,RK-2L, RK-4L, RK-6L grips; NPN-2 Basis rail covers; FP-3 wire holders; remote switches from “KV-D” line. It is possible to install B-22 rail. It is possible to install “Perst Leader” combined device in front part (sold separately). Also «Sport-2» version 2.0 has lowered Picatinny rail in the rear top part.

Advantages during operation:

  • strength;
  • improves the cooling of the gun barrel in the area from the receiver to the upper handguard;
  • creates the possibility of mounting additional equipment;
  • minimum weight and size characteristics.
  • allows direct installation of «Perst Leader» combined device.

Material: D16T aluminum alloy.

Operating ambient temperature range: -50 to +50°C.

Product length: 295 mm

Weight: 300 ± 10 g.

Warranty period of storage and operation with the date of commissioning: 60 months.

In the kit:
B-31LP rail
1 pc.
DL-2 rail 1 pc.
1 pc.
М5х7 screws                                  
8 pcs.
М5х9 screws                                  
1 pc.
Oval mount                                  
1 pc.

Detailed information about each rail: their advantages during operation, technical characteristics, installation manuals can be found in the manuals for each bracket.

The rigidity of landing of the forend and the brackets included in the kit determines the rigidity of mounting sights, which affects the accuracy of the shot.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product design or configuration without prior notice, provided that these changes do not worsen the technical characteristics or consumer properties of the product and are in line with the aim of improving its design or production technology.