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The  "B-13" rail above the receiver is installed on regular dovetail joint located on the receiver of AK-103, -104, -105, -74, -74M, -74S, -AKMS, -AKM, Saiga-MK, -Saiga-MK-03, -Saiga-410, TG-2, Saiga-308 v.61 and allows to install sighting devices on rifle. Creates a Picatinny rail over the receiver of the weapon.

Operational Benefits:

  •  light weight and durability
  •  the ability to quickly install on and remove weapons
  •  the possibility of double fixation on a regular basis "Dovetail"
  •  when installed on a weapon does not close the standard sighting device

Weight: 175 ± 5 g
Overall dimensions: (88х45х200) ± 5 mm
Picatinny rail length: 200 ± 5 mm
Operating temperature range: from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C

In the kit:

"B-13" rail above the receiver 
1 pc.
Hex key 
2 pcs.
1 pc.

To install on a weapon you need:

1. Set the bracket lock lever to the “open” position.
2. Loosen the locking screws located on the lever with an Allen key.
3. Put the "B-13" on the side bar of the receiver of the weapon, shifting the "B-13" from the stock to the barrel.
4. Turn the lever-retainer bracket to the "closed" position, and then check the fixation of the bracket on the side plate of the receiver.
5. If, after turning the lever-retainer of the bracket to the "closed" position, the "B-13" is not fixed or is not fixed firmly on the side rail of the receiver, the following steps must be performed:
  • move the lever to the "open" position,
  • loosen the locking screw located on the lever with an Allen key,
  • screw inside the lever with another key to achieve the moment of the start of fixing "B-13" on the side plate of the receiver and tighten the lock screw with a key,
  • turn the locking lever to the closed position.

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