B-12 rail

  • Description
  • Compatibility
  • The rail above the rail ''Upper handguard B-12'' is installed on the side bar "PICATINNY" rails: "Cevium B-10/B-20" and provides mounting on the weapon complex of sighting devices and lighting devices.
  • Forms the "weaver" "PICATINNY" slats above the upper handguard of the weapon and on the side of the handguard.
  • Overall dimensions: 100x50x61 mm
  • Weight: 87 g
  • Material: hardened aviation alloy D16T
Advantages during operation:

  • low weight
  •  strength
  •  when installed on the weapon does not close the regular sighting device of the weapon.
Completeness of delivery:

  • Rail over the rail ''Upper handguard B-12''                           1 pc
  • Hex key                                                                                1 pc
  • Instruction manual                                                                1 pc
For installation on the weapon it is necessary:

1. Before installing the rail over the rail ''Upper handguard B-12'' on the rails "Handguard B-10/B-20" must be a key to unscrew the maximum length of the screws.

2. Put the rail over the rail ''Upper handguard B-12'' on the side bar "PICATINNY" rails "Handguards B-10/B-20".

3. Fix the bracket above the rail ''Upper handguard B-12'' on the rails "Handguards B-10/B-20", tightening the screws with a key.

4. To remove the rail over the rail ''Upper handguard B-12'', you need to unscrew the screws with a key and remove the rail ''Upper handguard B-12'' from the rails "Handguard B10/B-20".

No video installation instructions...