New for Saiga-308: B-23L handguard

New for Saiga-308: B-23L handguard
New handguard in "Sport" line - B-23L - is now available. It is specially designed for Saiga-308. On this rifle the seat on the receiver is based on RPK, and the handguard retainer is from AK. This hybrid design does not allow the use of RPK-style or AK-stule handguards on it.
According to numerous requests from the owners of this model, we have designed the B-23L handguard. It is compatible with B-19RPK upper handguard. It has Basis rails on sides that allow you to attach additional accessories directly to the handguard. For example, A-1L or A-2L slingmounts; B-2, B-2U, B-2L, B-2M side Picatinny rails; NPN-2 rail covers; RL-1 hand stoppers; RK-0L, RK-1L, RK-2L, RK-4L, RK-6L grips.