"Joker-3" kit type "A"

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"Joker-3" kit (kit type "A") is designed for rifles based on AR-15. Consists of a handguard and additional accessories. Length of handguard - 345 mm (13,6").
Has Picatinny rail on top and Basis rails on three sides. Basis rails allow installation of additional accessories directly on handguard, in particular: B-2 (45 mm.), B-2U (75 mm.), B-2L (34 mm.), B-2M (15 mm) side Picatinny rails; A-1L and A-2L slingmounts; RL-1 hand stoppers; RK-0LRK-1LRK-2LRK-4LRK-6L grips; NPN-2 Basis rail covers; FP-3 wire holders; tactical switches from "D" line.

In the kit:
B-73 rail (upper)
1 pc.  
B-83 rail (lower)
1 pc.
BN-1 titanium barrel nut
1 pc.
Screw M5х7
8 pcs.
A-2L slingmount
1 pc.
RL-1 hand stopper
1 pc.
B-2L rail
1 pc.
RGB-2 gas block 0,750" (with a pin)
1 pc.
Device for RGB-2 positioning
1 pc.
«Joker» key
1 pc.
NPN-2 Basis rail cover
6 pcs.
Cylinder (packaging)
1 pc.
1 pc.
Overall dimensions:
B-73 rail: (306х39х38) ± 5 mm.;
B-83 rail: (345х41х51) ± 5 mm.;
BN-1 titanium barrel nut: (53х35) ± 5mm.;
RGB-2 gas block 0,750": (40х32х22) ± 5 mm.

B-73 rail: 130 ± 3 g.;
B-83 rail: 172 ± 3 g.;
BN-1 titanium barrel nut: 62 ± 3 g.;
RGB-2 gas block 0,750": 30 ± 3 g.

To install «Joker» kit, you need to do the following: 
  1. Deinstall your regular muzzle device, handguard, gas block, barrel nut.
  2. Unscrew BN-1 barrel nut, divide it into mounting nut and fixation nut. Tighten the mounting nut on the rifle.
  3.  Install B-83 lower rail.
  4. Install the fixation nut. Tighten it by «Joker» key.
  5. Install RGB-2 adjustable gas block. For that do the following: 
    - Install a gas tube on RGB-2 (compatible only with straight gas tubes);
    - Install RGB-2 on the barrel; 
    - Position RGB-2 on the barrel so, that the opening for gas outlet is combined with the gas inlet opening on RGB-2. For that slide the device for RGB-2 positioning along the B-83 rail so that RGB-2 enters the device. After that tighten two screws on RGB-2.
    - Take off the device for RGB-2 positioning from the barrell.
  6. Install (slide) B-73 upper rail on the lower rail.
  7. Tighten eight screws to fix B-73 rail on B-83 rail.
  8. Install A-2L slingmount, RL-1 hand stopper, B-2U rail if needed.
  9. Install NPN-2 Basis rail covers if needed.
Maintenance of rifles based on AR-15 becomes more comfortable with “Key Rod №1” (not in the kit, sold separately). 

Warranty period of storage and operation of the product: 60 months.
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