Consent to the processing of personal data

I hereby agree and express my voluntary, unequivocal and informed consent that my personal data which I have provided to Zenit LLC, incorporated and registered in the Russian Federation, 17 Yubileynaya Street, 33, Moscow Region, Russia, 1435000, TIN 5017029462, OGRN 1025001824100 with head office at 4 Vishnyakovsky lane, Moscow, Russia, 115184 (hereinafter – Administration), shall be processed by Administration in accordance with applicable law of the Russian Federation through automation tools or without as well as to be used for advertisement distribution as followed.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that Administration integrates and processes the following personal data: full name (surname, first name and patronymic), email, mailing address, phone number and other identifying data collected during registration, using and/or visiting the website (, receipt (purchase) of products and services as well as upon request of Administration for lawful reason.

Purposes of personal data processing:

-     execution and performance of a contract;

-     product/service advertisement and other kinds of promotion of offered products and services, conducted activities, campaigns and etc. through direct contacts (phone) and/or via email, Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube, other means of communication;

-     maintenance and update of a customer database;

-     statistical data collection and analysis of sales volumes and quality of products/services.

The consent expressed hereby covers the following operations: collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, analysis, adaptation, use, retrieval, disclosure (including but not limited by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available to such entities as owners of the servers, banks and other financial organisations, SMS, phone and other answering services, courier, delivery, transport and etc. services, interviews and other surveys services, inter alia Yandex.Metrica and etc.), accumulation, acquisition, validation (update, alteration), anonymisation, restriction, erasure or destruction through automation and/or mechanical tools and/or manual, including but not limited: automatic verification of postal codes with the codes database, automatic check of spelling of streets names, localities, data validation and clarification of any other matters if necessary through any means of communication, etc.

I hereby acknowledge that my personal data may be communicated to Administration’s employees and other legal persons (natural and juridical) under civil contracts as well as other legal persons under the procedures and conditions stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

I hereby represent that I:

-     have been informed of the fact that the consent for the data processing and/or advertisement distribution is indefinite and may be withdrawn by sending the written enquiry to Administration as provided for by Personal Data Protection Policy. The withdrawal date is the working day following the day of receipt of the written enquiry by Administration;

-     have the right of access to my personal data, inter alia to claim validation and/or update and/or alteration and/or erasure and/or destruction for lawful reason.

I hereby confirm that I am the subject of the provided data as well as its reliability.

I hereby commit myself to immediately inform Administration about any alteration of my personal data and any other data required for proper execution of obligations in delivering services and/or products as well as to submit confirmation if required. Otherwise Administration is not liable for any potential consequences.

I hereby confirm that the consent is recognised as my written consent for processing my personal data and advertisement distribution pursuant to Art. 9 of the Federal law No. 152-FZ on Personal Data and to Art. 18 of the Federal law No. 38-FZ on Advertising.

I hereby acknowledge that registry and/or applying a request for receiving an offer (services and/or products) and/or subscribing to advertisement distribution is recognised as my written consent with the above conditions.