B-7 rail

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The "B-7" rail designed for mounting flashlighrs of the "Klesh" series on weapons and forms a Picatinny rail.

The "B-7" rail is a milled product made of D16T alloy with a black coating or desert color.

Weight: 80 ± 2 g 

Ambient temperature during operation: from -20 ° С to + 40 ° С 

Warranty period of storage and operation: 12 months.

In the kit :
  • "B-7" rail                                              1 pc 
  • Clamping plate                                    1 pc
  • Allen key                                              2 pcs
  • Fixing screws                                       4 pcs
  • Set screws                                           4 pcs
  • Operation manual                                1 pc

To install the "B-7" rail , you need:

1. Connect the base and the clamping plate with the fixing screws, depending on the caliber of the weapon.
2. Tighten the set screws depending on the caliber of the weapon.
3. On the "Picatinny" rail formed we attach the flashlights of the "Klesh" series.

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Weapon model:

Compatible with any type of weapon with Picatinny rail.

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