"Perst Classic-W" combined device

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"Perst Classic-W" combined device (hereinafter referred to as "Perst Classic-W" CD) is designed to indicate the target (object) during observation, inspection and firing from small arms with "Perst Classic-W" CD installed at night in two ranges: green 520 nm. and infrared (IR) 850 nm.

The product is a small-sized optical-mechanical device that generates a laser luminous flux.

The product can be installed on various types of small arms (hunting) weapons on Picatinny rail.

ATTENTION! Batteries are installed in the devices by the manufacturer.

Power element: CR123A(3V) battery, CR123A(3V) type battery can be installed.

The product "Perst Classic-W"  can be used underwater at a depth of up to 20m.


The light source is a combined module of semiconductor lasers (green and IR) with wavelengths of 520 nm. and 850 nm, respectively.

The light source of the IR illuminator is a laser diode with a wavelength of 850nm.

The product is powered by one CR123A element installed in the case with a rated voltage of 3V.

The product is controlled by a rotary device, an external tact button and sliding switches (pushers) located on the PC case.

The time of continuous operation with a stable luminous flux from a standard battery (constant on mode with maximum brightness) is at least 40 minutes.

Laser radiation power in maximum brightness mode:
  • green LCC: 18 mW
  • IR LCC: 18 mW

Overall dimensions: (37 x 71 x 98) ± 3 mm.

Weight (without batteries): not more than 250 g.

Ambient temperature during operation: from -20 to + 40°C.

In the kit:

"Perst Classic-W" CD   1 pc.
 Battery (installed in PC)  1 pc.
KV-1W remote switch   1 pc.
 1 pc.
 1 pc.

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Weapon model:

Compatible with any type of weapon with Picatinny rail.

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