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The combined device "Perst-3V" (hereinafter referred to as the PC "Perst-3V") is designed to indicate the target (object) during observation, inspection, and firing from small arms (hunting) weapons at night in two ranges: green 520nm and infrared (IR) 850 nm, as well as to provide illumination in the IR range with a wavelength of 850 nm.
The product is a small-sized optical-mechanical device that generates a light flux of laser radiation.
The product is installed on various types of small arms (hunting) weapons on the Picatinny rail.

Power element: CR123A(3V) battery, CR123A(3V) type battery can be installed.

The product "Perst-3V" can be used underwater at a depth of up to 20m.


The light source is a combined module of semiconductor lasers (green and IR) with wavelengths of 520 nm. and 850 nm, respectively.

The light source of the IR illuminator is a laser diode with a wavelength of 850nm.

The product is powered by one CR123A element installed in the case with a rated voltage of 3V.

The product is controlled by a rotary device, an external tact button and sliding switches (pushers) located on the PC case.

The time of continuous operation with a stable luminous flux from a standard battery (constant on mode with maximum brightness) is at least 40 minutes.

Laser radiation power in maximum brightness mode:
  • green LCC: 18 mW
  • IR LCC: 18 mW

Dimensions :(103x71x35)

Product weight without batteries: no more than 250 g.

Ambient temperature during operation from -20 to +40С

Delivery set:

 Combined device "Perst-3V"  1 pc.
 Battery (installed in PC)  1 pc.
 Remote button KV-D2  1 pc.
 Instruction manual  1 pc.
 Casket for "Perst-3V"  1 pc.

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Weapon model:

Compatible with any type of weapon with Picatinny rail.

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