PT-2 telescopic stock

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The telescopic stock "PT-2" is designed for installation and operation on a "PK" machine guns and its modifications.

The telescopic stock "PT-2" is installed on a regular place of the butt of machine guns "PK", "PKM" and "PKP".

It allows folding, adjusting the length of the "PT-2" and adjusting the height of the cheek, based on the tasks performed and individual anthropometric of the shooter.

Operational Benefits:
  • no modification of the weapon is required during installation
  • the presence of an adjustable cheek and an adjustable back
  • the telescopic mechanism has a wide range of length adjustments
  • the original mechanism allows you to fold and fix the butt along the receiver of the weapon in any position of the telescopic mechanism and the height of the cheek
  • existence of blocking for all adjustments from casual change of parameters
  • waterproof container
  • in the lower position of the cheeks allows you to work with a mechanical sight
  • two variants rubber cover for back of the stock : wide, narrow
  • the ability to install a regular cover for back of the stock
Weight: 1111 ± 15 g

Overall dimensions: (255 / 300x150 / 198x56) ± 5 mm

Color: black 

Material: D16T alloy and steel

Operating temperature range: from -50 ° С to + 50 ° С

Warranty period of storage and operation: 60 months.

In the kit:
  • Stock "PT-2"                                              (1 pc)
  • Cheek                                                        (2 pcs)
  • Allen key                                                    (1 pc)
  • Rubber cover for back of the stock            (2 pcs)
  • Operation manual                                      (1 pc)

Moving parts of the telescopic butt length adjustment mechanism must be cleaned during maintenance of the weapon.

More detailed illustrated instructions are in the Operation manual.

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