B-11U rail

  • Description
  • Compatibility
  • All-milled rail "Handguard B-11U" is made of aluminum alloy D16T coated with black / desert color, designed for installation on the regular place of the handguard of the Kalashnikov AKS-74U.
  • Rail "Handguard B-11U" forms a Picatinny bar that allows you to attach additional equipment to the weapon: under-barrel (tactical) flashlight, laser pointer, tactical handle, bipod, rails B-9, B-2, B-2U and handles RK-1 (RK-0, RK-2, RK-4).
  • Allows installation of the B-19 and B-19N rails. The side Picatinny rail is installed by the user according to his needs.
  • Weight: 115 g
  • Overall dimensions: (129 x 38 x 41) ± 5 mm.
  • Color:black or desert
Advantages during operation:
  • improves the cooling of the gun barrel in the area from the receiver to the upper handguard
  • creates the possibility of mounting additional equipment

The price is for the rail without additional slats. Rails B-2 U length of 75 mm and B-2 length of 45 mm are purchased separately.

Completeness of delivery:

- Rail "Handguard B-11U''                                                                          - 1 pc. 
- Instruction manual                                                                                   - 1 pc. 
- Washer                                                                                                    - 4 pcs.

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