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The  "B-13N" rail above the receiver is an all-milled product made of D16T alloy with a black coating or desert color.

It is installed on the side tide ("dovetail") of the weapon and forms the Picatini bar, which does not overlap the line of the mechanical sight.

The "B-13N" rail is mounted on the standard side tide ("dovetail") base located on the "SVD" and "TG" and provides installation on the weapon of sighting devices.

Forms Picatinny rail over the receiver of a weapon.

Allows you to install on weapons as individual optical sights, as well as a combination of devices.

Operational Benefits:

  •  light weight and durability
  •  the ability to quickly install on and remove weapons
  •  the possibility of double fixation on a regular basis "Dovetail"
  •  when installed on a weapon does not close the standard sighting device

Material: D16T aluminum alloy
Weight: 210 ± 10 g
Overall dimensions: (73х43х205) ± 5 mm
Picatinny rail length: 200 ± 5 mm
Operating temperature range of air: from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C

In the kit:

"B-13N" rail above the receiver 
1 pc.
Hex key  2 pcs.
Operation manual  
 1 pc.

To install on a weapon you need:

1. Set the bracket levers to the “open” position.
2. Loosen the locking screws located on the lever with an Allen key.
3. Put the "B-13N" on the side bar of the receiver of the weapon, shifting the "B-13N" from the stock to the barrel.
4. Turn the lever-retainer bracket to the "closed" position, and then check the fixation of the bracket on the side plate of the receiver.
5. If, after turning the lever-retainer of the bracket to the "closed" position, the "B-13N" is not fixed or is not fixed firmly on the side rail of the receiver, the following steps must be performed:
  • move the lever to the "open" position,
  • loosen the locking screw located on the lever with an Allen key,
  • screw inside the lever with another key to achieve the moment of the start of fixing "B-13N" on the side plate of the receiver and tighten the lock screw with a key,
  • turn the locking lever to the closed position.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product design or configuration without prior notice, provided that these changes do not worsen the technical characteristics or consumer properties of the product and are in line with the aim of improving its design or production technology.

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