B-32 rail

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The rail and receiver ''B-32'' is a milled rail made of aluminum alloy D16T with a powder coating of black /desert color.

The "B-32"  rail mounted on the "B-30" rail by six screws, forms a Picatinny rail over the barrel and gas chamber of the Kalashnikov 400±5 mm long, not closing the line of mechanical sight.

The "B-32" rail is compatible with all AK models and carbines created on the basis of the AK, with the exception of the AKS-74U.

Overall dimensions: (422 x 70 x 36) + 5 mm.

Weight: 275 ± 5 g

Operating temperature range: from -50 ° С to + 50 ° С

Warranty period of storage and operation: 60 months.

 To install the "B-32" rail on a weapon, you need:

1. To carry out incomplete disassembly of weapons.
2. Remove the receiver from the gas pipe, for this, hold the gas pipe with one hand, with the other hand, holding the receiver, turn it.
3. Install the "B-32" on the  “B-30” rail and use the screwdriver to install the front and then the rear screws.

In the future, to clean the gas tube and gas chamber, you need:

1. Using a screwdriver, remove the rear screws and raise the "B-32" rail.
2. Clean
3. Reassemble in the reverse order.

After cleaning, at the sight mounted on the bracket, the "Center of impact " does not change.

In the kit:

  • "B-32'' rail                                                 1 pc
  • Mounting screws                                       6 pcs
  • Instruction manual                                     1 pc
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