"DL-1 additional attachment" rail

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"DL-1 additional attachment" rail is an a milled product made of aluminum alloy D16T coated with black / desert color.
DL-1 can be used with B-10L handguard and B-31L upper handguard as "Sport-1" kit.
The kit includes the Side bar "Sport-1" , that combines B-10L and DL-1 rails and adds additional rigidity to the kit.

  "DL-1 additional attachment" rail has Basis rails on three sides, that allow to mount following accessories: B-2 (45 mm), B-2U (75 mm), B-2L (35 mm); B-2M (15 mm) side Picatinny rails; A-1L and A-2L slingmounts; RK-0L, RK-1L, RK-2L, RK-4L, RK-6L grips; RL-1 hand stoppers; NPN-2 Basis rail covers; FP-3 wire holders; tactical switches from "D" line.

Overall dimensions: (90x30x38) ± 5 mm;

Weight: 44 ± 5 g.

Operating ambient temperature range: -50 to +50°C

In the kit:
«DL-1 additional attachment» rail 1 pc.
Side bar "Sport-1" 1 pc.
Screws M5х9 2 pcs.
Manual 1 pc.    
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