B-10L rail

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"B-10L handguard"  rail is a milled product made of aluminum alloy D16T.  It is installed in the place of the regular handguard of AK-103, -104, -105, -74M, -74S, AKMS, AKM, Saiga-MK v.30, Saiga-MK v.33, Saiga-MK 223 Rem. v.03, TG2, Vepr-K, Vepr-KM, VPO-209, AK-366-Lancaster.

    "B-10L handguard" rail has a Basis rail on three sides, that allows to mount:

Advantages during operation:
  • Strength
  • Improves the cooling of the gun barrel in the area from the receiver to the upper handguard;
  • Creates the possibility of mounting additional equipment;
  • When installing an led (tactical) flashlight or laser pointer on the handguard rail "Handguard B-10L", the regular base of the weapon "Dovetail", located on the receiver of the weapon, remains free to install optical sighting devices and devices;
  • Rail "Handguard B-10 L" allows you to simultaneously attach to the ACC various under-barrel lights, ltsu and other attachments.;
  • Rail "Handguard B-10L" has minimal weight and size characteristics.

Material: D16T aluminum alloy
Weight: 90±5 g

Overall dimensions: 170 x 38 x 40 ± 5 mm.

In the kit:

B-10L handguard  1 pc.
1 pc.

The hardness of the handguard landing determines the hardness of the landing of the sights, which affects the accuracy of the shot.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product design or configuration without prior notice, provided that these changes do not worsen the technical characteristics or consumer properties of the product and are in line with the aim of improving its design or production technology.