B-22 rail

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The "B-22" rail is intended for installation on the handguards "B-10M, B-10U, B-21M, B-21U, B-30, B-30U" to form the Picatinny rail above the aim bar, which does not overlap the line of the mechanical sight.

The "B-22" rail is an all-milled product made of D16T alloy, with steel inserts, coated in black or desert color.
Compatible with all carbines on which these forends are mounted.

Weight: 50 ± 5 g

Overall dimensions: (48х33х65) + 5 mm

Warranty period of storage and operation: 60 months.

In the kit:

  • "B-22" rail with four screws                1 pc
  • Operation manual                               1pc

 To install the "B-22" rail  on a weapon, you must:

1. Unload the weapon.
2. Move the gas pipe retainer flag to the upper position.
3. Unscrew the fixing screws from the "B-22" rail with the included Allen key.
4. Install the "B-22" rail in the grooves of the previously installed forend.
5. Screw in the mounting screws from the "B-22" rail t.
6. Put the check mark of the gas pipe retainer in the working (lower) position.

The illustrated instructions are in the instruction manual included with the product.

No video installation instructions...