"DL-3 additional attachment" rail

  • Description
  • Compatibility
  • Rail "DL-2 AK additional attachment" is an all-milled product made of aluminum alloy D16T coated with black / desert color.
  • It is installed on the bracket above the gas outlet tube B-31 L V.
  • Bracket "Additional nozzle DL-2 AK" has seats (guide "Basis") for mounting brackets B-2, B2 U, B-2L, A-1L on three sides
  • Used in conjunction with the bracket "Handguard B-10L" in the set "Sport-4".
  • Overall dimensions: (132x30x38) ± 5 mm;
  • Weight: 60 ± 5 gr.
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -50 to +50°C
Delivery set:

  • Rail "DL-2 AK additional attachment"                            1 pc
  • Mounting rail                                                                  1 pc
  • Rotary Cam mechanism                                                1 pc
  • Washers                                                                         4 pcs
  • Instruction manual                                                          1 pc
The product is used as part of " Sport-4''  kit.

Installation method:

  • Install the rail " Handguard B-10L"
  • Install the rail above the rail ''Upper handguard B-31LV''.
  • Install the rail "DL-2 AK additional attachment".

ATTENTION!!! Rail "DL-2 AK additional attachment" and  "Sport-4" kit is designed for installation on AK with a long barrel, i.e. with AK 105, AK104 and AKS 74U this product is NOT COMPATIBLE.

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