"Sport-5" kit

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"Sport-5" kit is installed in place of the regular handguard "RPK".
"Sport-5" kit has seatings for B-2, B-2U rails on four sides, allowing you to attach additional equipment to the weapon.

All products of the kit are all-milled with a coating of black or desert color.

 Material: D16T aluminum alloy

Operating ambient temperature range: -50 to +50°C

Advantages during operation:
  • strength
  • improves the cooling of the gun barrel in the area from the receiver to the upper handguard
  • creates the possibility of mounting additional equipment
  • minimum weight and size characteristics

Weight: 450 ± 10 g

Overall dimensions: (370х43х70) + 5 mm

Warranty period of storage and operation with the date of commissioning: 60 months.

In the kit:

  • Rail "Upper handguard "B-31RPK''                                                                    - 1 pc.
  • Rail ''Handguard B-20L''                                                                                     - 1 pc.
  • Rail ''Handguard DL-3 additional attachmen''                                                     - 1 pc.
  • Screed                                                                                                                 - 1 pc.
  • Fixing screws                                                                                                       -12pcs.
  • "NPN-2" rail cover                                                                                                -15pcs.
  • Instruction manual (B-31RPK, B-00L, DL-3, Sport-5 kit)                                     - 4 pcs.

  To install the "Sport-5" kit on the weapon you need:

1. To make incomplete disassembly of the weapon and to remove a regular handguard and a regular upper handguard.
2. Install instead of the regular handguard rail ''Handguard B-20L'', make the Assembly of weapons.
3. Install the handguard above the rail ''Upper handguard B-31RPK''.
4. Install the rail ''Handguard DL-3 additional attachmen''.
5. If it is necessary to give additional rigidity to the structure, connect the handguard above the rail ''Upper handguard B-31RPK'' and the rail ''Handguard DL-3 additional attachmen'' by means of a mounting bar (included in the kit).

Detailed information about each bracket: about their advantages during operation, about technical characteristics, about the scope of delivery and installation instructions can be found in the manuals for each bracket.

The rigidity of landing of the forend and the brackets included in the kit determines the rigidity of mounting sights, which affects the accuracy of the shot.

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