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Leader kit

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«Leader» kit is designed for rifles based on AK with barrel length not less than 415 mm (not compatible with shorter barrels).
«Leader» kit has Basis rails on four sides, that allow installation of additional equipment (hand stoppers, slingmounts, switches, wire holders, rail covers, grips, additional Picatinny rails) compatible with Basis directly on handguard. For installation of Picatinny compatible equipment it is possible to install additional Picatinny rails (sold separately) B-2, B-2L, B-2M, B-2U in any place on Basis rail.
«Leader» kit has a lowered place in its front part for installation of «Perst-4» combined device: separately and integrated «Perst» block. In case of operation without «Perst» it is possible to install an ergonomic insert (sold separately).

  • lowered platform in the front part for installation of «Perst-4» combined device;
  • strength;
  • ergonomics;
  • improves the cooling of the barrel;
  • creates mounting positions for additional equipment.
Material: aluminum alloy D16T.
Weight: 385 g
Product length: 338 mm
Working range of ambient temperatures: from -50 to +50 0С.

In the kit:
B-31 Leader rail 1 pc.
B-10L rail  1 pc.
B-2 Leader 1 pc.
DL Leader rail 1 pc.
Leader side bar  1 pc.
Leader hook 1 pc.
Leader hand stopper 1 pc.
Handguard retainer cover 1 pc.
Oval mount

10 pcs.
2 pc.
2 pc.
Manual 1 pcs.
For installation of «Leader» kit on the rifle, do the following:
1. Perform an incomplete disassembly of the rifle: take off the regular handguard and gas tube. Remove the regular gas tube cover from the gas tube.
2. Install B-10L rail instead of the regular handguard as follows:
2.1. Install regular handguard retainer on B-10L. A pin in front part of B-10L should enter an opening for cleaning rod on the handguard retainer. If the handguard retainer has no opening for the cleaning rod (like on TG2 rifle), file off the pin. Do not file off anything else! Do not file it off if the handguard retainer has an opening!
2.2. Place the other side of the handguard into the receiver.
2.3. Place a wooden of metal spacer on the handguard retainer and hammer B-10L into the receiver. Only hit the spacer. The handguard enters the receiver tightly, do not file it. Tightness of handguard affects the tightness of mounting of aiming devices, therefore affects the accuracy of shot.
2.4. Close the lever on handguard retainer. 3. Install the gas tube. Pull down the gas tube fixation lever.
4. Install B-31 Leader rail.
5. Install DL Leader rail.
6. Connect B-10L and DL Leader from a side with Leader side bar. Use M5x9 screws (longer). All other connections of B-10L, B-31 Leader and DL leader are connected by shorter M5x7 screws.
7. Connect B-10L and DL Leader from the bottom with Leader hand stopper. Use shorter M5x7 screws.
8. Install Leader hook as demonstrated on pictures in manual. If it enters tightly, use a hammer and a spacer.