B-31LN rail

  • Description
  • Compatibility
  • The rail ''Upper handguard B-31LN'' is compatible with the carbine "SAIGA 9".
  • The rail ''Upper handguard B-31LN'' is a milled product made of aluminum alloy D16T coated with black / desert color, mounted on the rails: "Handguard B-21L" and "DL-2 additional attachment" by means of eight screws.
  • There is a Picatinny rail at the top of the rail.
  • Weight: 131 ± 5 g.
  • Overall dimensions: (238x46x37) ± 5 mm.
Completeness of delivery:

  • Rail ''Upper handguard B-31LN''                                 1 pc
  • Mounting screws                                                          8 pcs
  • Instruction manual                                                       1 pc
To install the rail ''Upper handguard B-31LN'' on the weapon is necessary:

1. Make an incomplete disassembly of the weapon.

2. Remove the receiver plate from the upper handguard, to do this hold the upper handguard with one hand, the other hand holding the receiver plate to turn it.

3. Install the rail ''Upper handguard B-31LN'' on the rails: "Handguard B-21L" and "DL-2 additional attachment"using a screwdriver to install the screws.

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