B-31LV rail

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"B-31LV upper handguard" rail is compatible with:

  • Saiga-9 - as a part of "Sport-2" kit: is mounted on B-21L handguard and DL-2 additional attachment;
  • AK with long barrel (415mm) - as a part of "Sport-4" kit: is mounted on B-10L handguard and DL-2 additional attachment.
B-31LV is a milled product made of aluminum alloy D16T.
There is a Picatinny rail at the top of the rail.


Material: aluminium alloy D16T.

Weight: 132 ± 5g.

Overall dimensions: (238х50х37) ± 5 mm.

Operating ambient temperature range: from -50 to +50 0С.

In the kit:

''B-31LV upper handguard'' rail     1 pc.
Screw М5х7
8 pcs.
1 pc.

 To install on the weapon you need to:

1. Make an incomplete disassembly of the weapon.

2. Remove the standard upper handguard: hold the gas tube with one hand, and turn the standard upper handguard with the other hand

3. Install B-31LV upper handguard on lower handguard (B-10L or B-21L),  and DL-2 additional attachment , install the screws with a screwdriver.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product design or configuration without prior notice, provided that these changes do not worsen the technical characteristics or consumer properties of the product and are in line with the aim of improving its design or production technology.
No video installation instructions...
Weapon model:

Compatible with any type of weapon with Picatinny rail.

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