How well does B-33 dust cover hold zero?

How well does B-33 dust cover hold zero? We give a detailed answer on popular question. We had three Saiga in different calibers. Each of them with B-33 dust cover installed. On dust covers - «Vzor» red dots. We make a series of shots. Open the dust cover. Close it. Shoot again. Look at groups of shots meanwhile.

Will also explain, what exactly ensures reliability of product from product design point of view.

B-33 dust cover is designed to create a Picatinny rail above the receiver of AK. For example, you need to install a red dot. For that you need a mounting point that can hold zero. It is not enough to just install an aiming device. You need to install it on a place that is reliable enough. Even after opening and closing of the dust cover. B-33 allows to solve this task.

Note, that B-33 is used in a pair with our hand guards. It is attached to a handguard. It can’t be installed without Zenitco handguard. It is made for extra reliability.

How to install B-33 - see here.