Perst-4: now with quick release

Perst-4: now with quick release
Practice has shown the need for quick-release mounts, so this year we are introducing them into our products. So, for example, some time ago, «Perst-4» dual laser was updated. Version 4.1 is currently on sale. It differs from version 4.0 by the presence of a quick release and updated caps on zeroing units. Quick release did not affect the weight: both the new and the old version weigh about 206 grams (with battery).

"Perst-4" is a combined device with two laser designators: visible and infrared. Depending on the color of the visible laser, it is available in two versions: red and green +.

There are also modifications:
  • Perst-4M. Also a dual laser, but in a different body with a minimum of buttons on the body and two interchangeable back parts. Minimalist design.
  • Perst-4W. Underwater version for use at depths up to 20 meters. Coming soon. In addition to water resistance, the feature is that the buttons are replaced by pushers. The product has already been announced before, but there was no video review yet: we wanted to finish the development of an underwater remote switch. The product is ready: KV-D1W switch also has pushers. So there will be reviews of underwater products! These are «Perst-4W», «Perst Classic-W», as well as «Vzor-1W» underwater red dot (also with pushers, we will also show it soon).