How did Vzor become Multivzor?

How did Vzor become  Multivzor?
On the photo there are three devices: on the left - «Vzor-1» red dot and «Perst-4» lazer, on the right - «Vzor-2» multivzor. We are the developers of all the products we manufacture. This allows us to create hybrids based on those devices that were developed earlier. After «Vzor-1» was made, we thought about how it could be modified. One of the ways of development was to combine it with other devices of our production. We called such «Vzor» hybrids multivzors.

«Vzor-2» was based on two devices: «Vzor-1» red dot and «Perst-4» combined device. Accordingly, one product combines several functions, which allows you to place a large number of devices on a small space. This is relevant for weapons with lack of mounting positions, such as AKS-74U or PP «Vityaz». After the release of «Vzor-2», we developed another multivzor - «Vzor-4». It is based on «Vzor-2», but, among other things, it has an IR illuminator.

If we compare the hybrid with the products on the basis of which it is made, in addition to a smaller seating space, it is characterized by a lower price and weight. Thus, «Vzor-2» costs less than «Vzor-1» and «Perst-4» bought separately, and weighs less than these two devices. «Vzor-1» weighs 162 g. (5.7 oz.) (with battery, platform and two caps), while «Perst-4» weighs 205 g.(7.2 oz.). If you put two products on the rifle, they will add 367 g. (12.9 oz.) to the weight. For comparison, «Vzor-2» in the same setup as «Vzor-1»: with two caps, battery, on the platform (it has a built-in), weighs 272 g.(96.2 oz.) One device is 95 g. (3.4 oz.) lighter than a combo of two devices.

At the moment we continue the development of hybrids, in the future there will be other devices that combine our various developments.